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Soul Essence Readings

Soul Essence Readings are in reservations for the future. 

I am traveling and building energy within myself to accomplish pure connection.

If you would like to look forward to a reading, please reach out. We can discuss a future date and create practices that you might accomplish yourself in the space in between to build your connection that I might facilitate taking further. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


My Angel Guides would like me to offer this very specific kind of  Reading for you at this time, and only this kind of Reading. 


They give me both Images, often movie-like; often fairytale-like and iconic along with words/ phrases to pass onto you that speak to the Essence of your Soul. 


These Soul Essence Readings can help you in times of struggle to TUNE INTO your Essence and receive your own inner wisdom and guidance from your Soul. 


When in any kind of strife, stress or confusion, ideally you only want to be tuning into your own Soul Essence, rather than your ego or any inner child part of you, etc. in order to receive the clarity you need to move forward with Grace.

Soul Essence Readings show you the Essence of your main Energy Rays that you chose to BE, express & share in this lifetime as a part of your Soul's purpose/ journey on the Earth at this time... 


There are no accidents. You were meant to be here on Planet Earth at this time. Your specific Soul Essence Energy is needed at this time. 


Tuning into the Images that I receive for you, and reviewing the words that go along with it will help you become WHO YOU INTENDED TO BE... Just by BEING in your Soul Essence energy consciously, you will more powerfully contribute to the planet and fulfill your Purpose on Earth. 

Let's be clear. They will not only help you with your Purpose. They will help you navigate ALL areas of your life as you will be BEING and living from this Soul Essence consciously, more and more often over time. 


To receive your Soul Essence Reading, please send me your full name (now and at birth if different), along with your birthdate so that I can tune into your energy. *This is not a numerology or astrology reading of any kind.* Nor do I use any divination cards. It is simply me turning into your Soul Essence, and asking my Angel Guides for Images, words, phrases, messages that will help your on the Path of Ascension both for yourself and the planet. 


They are generally 2 pages long of descriptive text. 


Love exchange: 



You can Venmo me at Mikaela-Jones-6


PayPal me at


CashApp at $MikaelaJones6


Zelle: Use the above email & 503-705-1609 for the id

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