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Higher Self Sessions

Needing clarity choosing what is on your highest path?

Wondering if

a career change

a move to a new place

a new business partner

or new romantic partner
is in alignment with your
Higher Self / your highest path?

Are you wanting to have better communication with your Higher Self

— that part of you that is ageless and eternal? That part of you that is the Highest Essence of ‘you’ in any incarnation of your Soul in any timeline?


Here’s the thing… You can spin ideas and goals (and even relationships) around in your head your entire lifetime, and never get to your deepest fulfillment and highest expression of the YOU, you came to be… Yet, your Higher Self knows why you chose to incarnate now… And your Higher Self knows what will bring you your greatest joy and fulfillment in life… It also knows how to get there (more powerfully and gracefully than the human ego mind). 

So truly, all of the answers are within YOU. 


In a Higher Self Session, I’ll serve as the conduit of communication for you with your Higher Self. The Intention is that everything your Higher Self wants you to know at this time for your highest alignment with any next steps in your life will be answered, and that you will leave the session feeling clarity, comfort, and empowerment. 

“I loved, loved, loved my higher self session! It offered a wealth of valuable information, tools, and guidance downloaded directly from my own highest wisdom. The symbols and vivid imagery Mikala shared have given me multilayered and ongoing insight into the questions I posed. Tapping back in to these images in meditation, I continue to receive deep insight and support from this powerful reading! Thank you!” - Kim C

~  Sessions are conducted via Zoom and can be recorded if you like. 

~ Sessions last appx. 60 minutes (sometimes a bit longer)

~ Sliding Scale: $99, $133, $155, $199


Venmo, CashApp, Paypal, Zelle, and credit cards can be taken via Square. 


~ Email me to schedule & receive details on how to pay for your session


Sessions are currently held Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

And are offered 12:00pm & 2:30pm MT 


*Weekend appointments available upon request



“Mikala is a pure channel. The images she received from my Higher Self were so clear (and fascinating) and while she sometimes didn’t know what they meant, I did. And they were spot on! There was one I had to go look up, and its spiritual meaning / guidance was also right on the money! This was so helpful… I highly recommend a Higher Self Session with Mikala!” ~ Katherine H


After leading us in a short prayer/ meditation to set a sacred, safe container, we will ground, center and connect in our hearts…and then I’ll connect with your Higher Self.


To start off, I’ll ask your Higher Self to show me images of her/him so that you may better connect with her/him on your own in the future. Your Higher Self will show me images of themselves that often point to talents & gifts that you carry at an essence level and are translated into all expressions in all timelines. We will ‘seed’ the six questions you’ve brought with you and then I will ask for Images your Higher Self sees as important to what is currently going on in your life.The images are most often fairy tale-like and metaphorical. 


Once this portion of the session is complete, if you don’t feel your questions have been answered in what they have shown, you can refer to your list of 6  ‘yes/ no questions’ you have prepared in order of priority. Remember, they must be answered via a yes or a no. They must be in present tense, i.e., “Is ___ in alignment with my Highest Self? Is this job on my highest path? Etc… They can cover separate actions/ areas of life.

The questions will be answered ‘blind’ in the sense that I/ Mikala will not know what they are. I will ask you to hold them in your heart, and then I’ll share if it’s a yes or a no and any images I receive.


This is not a predictive / psychic reading… This is a conversation based on the NOW that we are having with your Higher Self — the Wisest part of you that sees the largest perspective in your life — to receive clarity in what is in Alignment with your Higher Self at this time, as this will naturally lead to your deepest fulfillment and highest joy. 

I look forward to connecting with you AND
your Higher Self soon! 

With Gratitude, Light & Love, 



I just received a Higher-Self Reading from Mikala Jones and WOW! 

As Mikala called in guides from the angelic realms and built a safe container at the beginning of our session, I felt my energy palpably shifting in acknowledgment. It’s difficult to explain, but my system quickened in response to these higher energies / vibrations. Mikala then described in such exquisite detail images my Higher Self was sharing. It’s fascinating how Mikala sees so clearly, without necessarily knowing the significance of what it is she is seeing. We looked up the meaning of some details afterward and the information that these images and symbols communicated was incredibly spot-on accurate. We then worked through my list of Yes/No questions. Again, her clarity was spot-on and provided me with such incredible peace of mind. (Before my session with Mikala, I actually answered all of my own questions first, to see if my intuition was in sync with my Higher Self. I’m happy to report that my answers matched most of the time and when they didn’t I learned something valuable about myself. I highly recommend adding this exercise prior to your session, if it resonates - it increased the value exponentially!) PS - Just to further illustrate Mikala’s amazing gift: when I was sick with COVID back in 2019, Mikala instructed me to do something that appeared to her in a vision, but made absolutely no sense to her at the time. Two days later I received the exact same instruction from my doctor! Amazing! 

Mikala is the REAL deal, with an incredible gift. I’m thankful she is available to reconnect us with our Higher Selves - to remind us of our divinity and Truth.  ~C. Anderson

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